Transponder Car Key

transponder key programming

Transponder Car Key

A transponder key is a car key with an inbuilt chip that is needed to deactivate an engine immobiliser. Most cars post-1995 have these immobilisers.

Silca GTI Wedge transponder chip.

The GTI Wedge can be used exclusively with Silca cloning devices RW4 Plus. With the GTI Wedge transponder can copy Texas® Fixed, Texas® Crypto and Philips® Crypto transponders.

Compatible with Silca TE, Silca Remote Car keys and Silca Flip keys range of original head shape keys that have been re-engineered to fit the GTI chips. Silca TRP setting program may be required.

LKP 02
Reusable carbon transponder chip for programming 4C, 4D and G Chips or Cloning original keys.
LKP 03
Reusable carbon transponder chip for programming ID46 Chips.

KEYDIY Transponder Chip

HC01=4D, can copy or generate 4C/4D61,62,63(40bit),65,66,67,68,69,6A,6B, B9,71
HC05=4C/4D/G, can copy or generate 4C/4D61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,6A,6B, B9,71,70G,72G,4D83
HC07 Support for generation and copying 4D60 61 62 63 65 67 68 69 70 72G 82G 83 chip, support 63 83 chip all lost matching

XHorse VVDI Transponder Chip

Super Chip XT27A01 XT27A66 Chip

11, 12, 13, PCF7935, PCF7936, PCF7937, PCF7938, PCF7939, PCF7946, 48, 4C, 4D, 4D(80), 4E, 8A, 8C, 8E

  1. Copy transponder: Support clone 4D transponder
  2. Copy transponder: Support clone 4E transponder
  3. Copy transponder: Support clone Ford ID83, Kiv ID70
  4. Copy transponder: Support clone Toyota H transponder – Require use VVDI super chip
  5. Copy transponder: Support clone 8C/4C transponder – Require use VVDI super chip

Below you will find a list of chip types that users have reported success in generating:
Chip Compatibility
7935 33 40 41 42 43 44
7930 46
7930 47
7930 4D on board
7930 45 on board
7937 46 on board
7937 47 on board
4D 60 63 70 80 83 82G 67
4E 64
8A Toyota H/Hyundai
43 VAG/Honda
8E Audi/Honda
T3 Buick Model

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